Russell Falls, with its three-tiered drop is Tasmania's best known falls.

Tasmania's best known falls, Russell Falls is just a short 10 minutes easy walk from the Mt Field National Park visitors centre. These very pretty falls are a delight and a must when visiting Tasmania. The walk takes you past some of the tallest hardwood trees in the world.

Only 300 metres beyond the top of Russell Falls are particularly beautiful Horseshoe Falls. There is a steep track adjacent to the falls but easy going on a well constructed path. A superb tall trees walk continues beyond the falls which meets the Lake Dobson road. Another track continues on to Lady Barron Falls. The track loops back down to the visitors centre. A great walk of about 3 hours.

Russell Falls, with its three-tiered drop, is the most visited spot in the Park. You can climb an easy path to the top of the Falls and then continue on to the Tall Trees Walk. Mt Field National Park is home to many of Tasmania’s animals such as platypus, echidna, spotted-tail and eastern quoll, Tasmanian devil, bandicoots, wombats, possums, bettong pademelon and much more. The last Tasmanian tiger, on show in the old Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart until 1936, was trapped in the nearby Florentine Valley in 1933.

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Russell Falls

Russell Falls at Mt Field National Park